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What are the characteristics of polyurethane foaming products? Does the raw material used harm the human body?

In the foaming market, polyurethane foaming is a good choice. This adhesive is porous with low density and high strength. When used, the formula can be adjusted to change the degree of softness and hardness. After all, not all industrial fields need strong adhesive hardness, can choose at will.

What are the characteristics and properties of polyurethane foaming?

This adhesive can be used in a wide range of almost all kinds of industrial fields to protect precision instruments from damage. Its heat insulation, heat preservation and caulking performance is good, no matter used in what fields, can play these properties, the effect is good. Cooperate with strong brand suppliers, more assured, such as Kosmore, focus on polyurethane foaming research, provide customized polyurethane foaming application solutions, a wide range of uses, can be applied to new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automotive, instruments, power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.

Is polyurethane foaming safe?

It has the black material and the white material combination, needs to pay attention to when using. Isocyanates, in particular, are slightly irritating, so try not to breathe them. Once the operation accidentally touches the skin or splashes into the eyes, it is necessary to do urgent treatment. Wipe with a tampon at the first time, and then rinse with clean water. It can't be rinsed. It needs to be rinsed for 15 minutes.

If it touches the skin, scrub it with soap or alcohol. If not, go to the hospital. Don't delay treatment. Splash on the clothes, you can use a professional solvent to clean, should be able to clean. If there is a large area on the ground, you can cover it with sand or wood chips, and then rinse with water. This method works well, can clean, does not pollute the environment.

When a large number of polyurethane foams are used, spilling will inevitably occur. Encounter this kind of circumstance do not worry, the material on skin is handled at once, do not affect health. Of course, try to be careful to avoid waste. Use the correct process to operate, will greatly reduce the waste.

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