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Types and characteristics of sponges - are you right?

Doll cotton, cotton doll is to different specifications of the 3 d polyester staple fiber through full grooming, to keep the enough elastic, add the proportion of silicone oil content of fiber itself, in order to suit the needs of different products sponge texture close to natural just pop out of cotton, but more durable flexibility and elasticity, pure cotton, environmental protection, no peculiar smell.

The general selection of 3A filament special grinding type cotton density is generally 30, to do the pillow, not only the texture is particularly soft and comfortable, but also has a good supporting effect on the spine

Rubber cotton: natural latex foamed raw material, it has rubber characteristics, excellent elasticity, good resilience, no deformation, non-toxic and harmless. But because the price is not cheap, raw material resources are limited, the sun will become a powder, durability is not strong, will not be used to make a sofa, generally can be used as a pillow.

Recycled sponge: it is a kind of polyurethane product scrap recycling products. It is made of industrial sponge scraps by crushing, stirring glue, steam, high temperature sterilization, deodorization and compression molding. It greatly reduces the production cost from the use of production cost. Due to the need to add a lot of glue in the production process, so the sponge taste is very pungent. Therefore, recycled cotton will cause harm to human health and is not recommended to use.

Memory cotton: this kind of sponge, also called slow rebound cotton, will slowly return to the original shape of ZD after external force deforms it. That is, the material has a combination of viscous and elastic properties, absorb impact kinetic energy, and can be used repeatedly without permanent deformation. Memory cotton can absorb the body weight distribution and weight, effectively ease the pressure of the body and the mattress contact moment, to support the body weight and prevent the effect of waist injury. Usually used as a mattress pillow.

Pearl cotton, is to use high technology special processing, is that all the molecules of a sponge * is small, a kind of high resilience to *, pearl cotton compressed, texture closely are arranged bead, as the process of using, its internal stress will be gradually released, pearl particles with the with the fluffy properties, so use the pearl cotton processing wallet modelling is exceptionally good fullness, have toughness and resilience. But the cost of Zhenzhu cotton is more expensive, so it is generally only used with customers with the highest frequency, the use of the strongest destructive force of small pillow and waist pillow.

Finalizing cotton: the material density is 55#~60#, and its elasticity is in line with the relevant national standards. High hardness and density, lack of elasticity by polyurethane material, foaming agent and other additives mixed, pressing agent into a simple mold heating can be pressed out of different shapes of sponge. Suitable for swivel chair sofa cushion, back cotton, but also a small amount of armrest is also done with finalized cotton.

Hong Kong Hebao Minghui Furniture Group designs three layers of cotton structure according to the different characteristics of sponges. The surface layer of the cushion is slightly soft sponge, which is extremely fit to increase the comfort of the human body and achieve complete relaxation. The middle layer is made of sponge with moderate hardness and softenness, which can reduce the shock and decompress and disperse the gravity of the human body to prolong the service life of the sofa. The bottom layer uses slightly hard sponge, have deep level to human body bear, ensure the action of correct sitting posture. Hong Kong Hebao Minghui Furniture Group uses the soft and hard density of cotton 36kg/m3, the soft and hard density of cotton 34kg/m3, moderate hardness, this hardness is the Chinese body hardness.

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