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Why can't the surface of the electric cabinet be sprayed directly?

. Because of the ventilation and heat dissipation and the need to monitor the working state of the equipment, it is unavoidable to open a large area of holes in the aluminum plated zinc cabinet panel, what should we do? Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a hidden danger of various microwave equipment because of the unwanted noise caused by electromagnetic shielding plate and the performance of aluminum-zinc plating cabinet system. In order to prevent the leakage of electromagnetic radiation of the aluminized zinc cabinet, the cabinet manufacturer usually adopts various forms of metal shielding net, and makes use of the waveguide effect to make honeycombed shielding window to prevent the internal electromagnetic radiation leakage of the aluminized zinc cabinet due to the opening. General electric cabinets and cabinets in the surface treatment, are to go through pickling phosphating treatment, and then the surface of spraying processing. It is a normal procedure in the process of processing and production of cabinets and cabinets that the surface of electric cabinets is first treated by pickling and phosphating, and then sprayed. In order to reduce costs, quite a number of manufacturers of cabinets and cabinets directly spray without pickling and phosphating. In this way, although the appearance of the electric cabinet and cabinet can not be seen abnormal, but after a period of time, the phenomenon of plastic burst is easy to appear. This is because there is no pickling phosphating treatment of cold rolled steel, and the appearance of long rust, making the surface coating off. Therefore, in the production, in order to ensure the quality of the cabinet, it is not suitable to cut corners, to avoid damaging the rights and interests of consumers.

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