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  • Why can't the surface of the electric cabinet be sprayed directly?

    . Because of the ventilation and heat dissipation and the need to monitor the working state of the equipment, it is unavoidable to open a large area of holes in the aluminum plated zinc cabinet panel, what should we do? Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a hidden danger of various microwave equipment because of the unwanted noise caused by electromagnetic shielding plate and the performance of aluminum-zinc plating cabinet system. In order to prevent the leakage of electromagnetic radiation of the aluminized zinc cabinet, the cabinet manufacturer usually adopts various forms of metal shielding net, and makes use of the waveguide effect to make honeycombed shielding window to prevent the internal electromagnetic radiation leakage of the aluminized zinc cabinet due to the opening.

  • How to clean the cabinet

    1. First of all, you need to rinse the table zhi surface of the BAI stainless steel chassis DU cabinet with water to remove the dirt on the surface of the chassis DAO cabinet; 2. Then add SHU soap, liquid detergent or 5% ammonia solution of water for wiping and cleaning; 3. Rinse carefully with water again; 4. After that, we wipe off the traces of water remaining on the surface of the stainless steel cabinet. In order to wipe it more cleanly, we need to wipe the cabinet in the same direction, and let the surface of the cabinet dry naturally after wiping.

  • Why should the cabinet surface be painted

    Anticorrosive BAI surface is similar to a Du a small spot, is baked zhi paint itself inherent

  • Types and characteristics of sponges - are you right?

    Doll cotton, cotton doll is to different specifications of the 3 d polyester staple fiber through full grooming, to keep the enough elastic, add the proportion of silicone oil content of fiber itself, in order to suit the needs of different products sponge texture close to natural just pop out of cotton, but more durable flexibility and elasticity, pure cotton, environmental protection, no peculiar smell.



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The company mainly produces all kinds of standard cabinets, power cabinets, consoles, distribution box, communications products, U box, control cabinet, media monitoring, touch screen, chassis, stainless steel, aluminum, electronic instrumentation equipment shell, shell and transformer amorphous nanocrystalline core HuHe, stainless steel HuHe, sponge gasket, and complete set, high and low voltage power distribution, distribution box, frequency conversion cabinet, power supply cabinets, power supply voltage regulator, protection device, automatic control equipment installation and after-sales.

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